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Auto Glass Internet MarketingDid you know that there are 90,500 searches in Google for windshield repair each and every month?

Did you know that there are 60,500 searches in Google for auto glass repair each and every month?

The unexpected lurks around every corner, and this becomes increasingly evident when it comes to someone’s car. If you’re in the windshield repair business, you’ve likely heard every reason under the sun why damage occurs. It’s no surprise that this is a billion dollar a year industry. While the Internet has opened up new opportunities, it has also made it easier than ever for customers to explore the competition. If you’re not receiving more leads in your area from online searches, you need windshield repair internet marketing.

Whether you have yet to set up any type of windshield repair Internet marketing at all or know your website needs some work, our experienced auto glass repair marketing staff is here to help. We can ensure you receive the traffic necessary to keep up with the competition as well as present your business in the most appealing and efficient way possible.

People Use the Internet For Windshield Repair!

Let’s face it, people simply don’t use the phone book to find the best windshield repair shop anymore. It’s easier to type in a search phrase, and they can explore the information they are looking for without having to drive to the shop for themselves. Our expert auto glass internet marketing staff can help ensure those potential search inquiries will result in traffic and calls to your business. Some of the auto glass internet marketing services we can provide to increase your traffic and overall online presence include:

  • Search engine optimization techniques to ensure phrases that matter are included in your content
  • Access to tens of thousands of windshield repair keyword searches per month.
  • Attention to aesthetics to ensure your site’s visually appealing
  • Ability to speak with customers online and encourage interaction through social media

Typical Windshield Repair Internet Marketing Senario:

You have a windshield repair business in Salt Lake City and there are 3000 online searches each and every month for windshield / auto glass repair in the area you service. The profit from each service you provide is yours to decide. How many new clients would you like per month, each and every month? Even if you only received 10% of those 3000 searches to your website, that would be an extra 300 website visitors hitting YOUR site looking for YOUR services! AND, if only 10% of those website visitors (30) actually became brand new customers each and every month, that could be some big business! The potential for new clients and an expanding business is huge and lucrative! Windshield repair internet marketing is the answer!

Now consider how many other keywords people type in, and what if you receive additional new clients from searches like Honda windshield repair, Volkswagen windshield repair, Mercedes auto glass repair, Jeep auto glass repair and the list goes on……. These are all additional keywords your potential clients are typing into the search engines that you may be missing out on! If your windshield repair business is in need of online marketing because you’re not ranking for many or all of these keywords that potential patients search for each and every month in your area, act now and give us a call.

Don’t Pass Up Easy Business and Easy Profits!

Customers not only want quality, but they also expect convenience. With the expectation of instant gratification, it’s now more important than ever to ensure you provide your customers with a strong online presence. Those who don’t lose business as well as discourage current customer from continuing to use their services. Call our office today to see how we can put our tools and windshield repair Internet marketing techniques to work for you.

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